The company was founded by Kosma Spyro in 1972 as Michanodomi AE with main object imports of structural instruments. In all these years of her operation has demonstration tens satisfied customers and the philosophy of company is the irreproachable service of all professionals. Then and concretely from 1998 having acquires exceptional experience in that space, it was also extended in the reconstructions of professional vehicles.

In 2002 the needs of market but also and the big number of customers created the need and were added in the services of company and the exports of instruments and parts.


Truck Parts is an organised unit of handled trucks from where you can select guaranteed and checked handled cement mixers, handled structural instruments, handled pumps of cement, presses concrete and groups cement.
Still the department of parts offers to you handled engines of trucks and hydraulic systems.

The all parts that we provide in our customers are checked from experienced engineers of our company.

Finally Truck Parts offers to you a lot more from simply handled commercial vehicles and parts while our services does not finish here you can you profit from moreover services that we provide you as, reconstructions cement mixer, transformations depending on your needs but also individual imports depending on your professional needs.